A little bit about me

I guess a little about me is in order in case anyone ever stumbles across my blog and wants to know about the slightly odd, tattooed woman behind the keyboard.

Looking good!

This blog was initially started as a means of tracking my fitness journey as I had recently started crossfit and, as someone who has always had an interest in heavy lifting, I figured this was a good place to blog about my experiences.
Me looking pretty bloody fit in 2012

Unfortunately I had some major surgery in 2012 that didn't go too well and ended up being on crutches for almost a year, as well as requiring additional an surgery to try and repair the issues surrounding my first operation.

first surgery

And then there were also complications with the second surgery, so I am due to go in for my third surgery any day now (it's Easter 2014). Fingers crossed everything works out properly this time around and that I can actually get my arse back into the gym some time this year.

second surgery

Aside from polish and weight lifting I guess you could say I'm a bit of a nerd- I love Star Trek TNG, I had a crush on Darth Vader in my early teens and I think Boba Fett is hot, I like to read science fiction and fantasy and love authors like Terry Pratchett and Robin Hobb.
I'm also very passionate about so-called "social justice" issues, especially drug law reform and mental health advocacy.

Now, my life has been pretty full on over the years; I am a recovered addict of over 20 years, I lost my partner to suicide when I was 4 months pregnant, my daughter was a premmie/IUGR baby, I've had periods of homeless and struggled with misdiagnosed and mistreated mental illness... I even experienced my own version of Orange is the New Black back in my late 20's (now that really is an interesting story). And most recently there's been the issues with those damn botched surgeries and the loss of my mum to cancer last year...

My mum in the last year of her life

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I haven't exactly lived a "typical" life (whatever that is).

However, these days I live a very quiet existence- just me, my daughter and our two cats (you'll notice that there's lots of picture spam of those two ratbags because cats!).



As things stand now I'm kinda killing time while waiting for this third surgery and then I guess I'll be starting over- my house painting business is no more due to issues with my leg post surgery, so maybe I'll go back to uni?
IDEK, I have no idea "where to" from here right now, so I'm just going to focus on getting well and then we'll see. It's a bit scary to be starting over at 42 years of age, but I'll manage, I've certainly gotten through worse...

Walking around with a paper bag over your head doesn't help

 In the meantime I will continue to use nail polish and nail art as a nice means of distraction and hopefully I'll have enough money here and there to add to my indie polish collection (although I seem to be adding to it even while being broke lol).
I intend to keep blogging more actively than I have been, again as it's a great way to keep myself occupied.

Glitter makes everything better

 I'm also hoping this could be a way of getting to know others with similar interests- after all, nail polish and cats can be a wonderful way to connect with other people.

Also Star Trek

So, that's the "about me" thing done- I'm definitely a little bit left of centre, and I've lived through some crazy times, but I have a good heart, I'm a great listener too and I'm always open to making new friendships, so please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Here's to beautiful nails, happy cats and well adjusted kids :)
Em x

PS- if you want to know more about anything check the tags- they're pretty self explanatory

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