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When it comes to nail polish I am a tad fanatical- I love the stuff. They're like little bottles of joy that help brighten my day and give me something to focus on other than life's ups and downs.

At the moment almost all the polishes I review are bought and paid for by me, and I try to give as honest an appraisal of each polish as I can. Sometimes this comprises of lots of "omg! I love this!", but there are times when a polish doesn't live up to my expectations or has issues that I believe are important to note.

I am as open about the flaws of a particular polish as I am about its strengths because I want potential customers to know what to expect if they buy it, and I guess I also hope that the manufacturer might take those issues into consideration and work towards fixing them, or at least think about how to improve their next project, if there are any issues to address that is (and that's only happened a handful of times out of all the polishes I've tried).
That said, I think just about everything has something going for it and I have never written off a polish completely, and I would never be mean or unnecessarily picky either.

I will always state in my reviews if a product has been given to me for a fair and honest assessment and will note what parts of my review, if any, have been provided to me by the polish maker (for example, their description of the product). However I will always add my own assessment as I feel that an objective look at things is important when reading about something I might want to buy, and I want to give my readers the opportunity to get an objective take on things too.

For the polish makers out there, I would be more than happy to review your products- like I said, I love polish, so discovering new and wonderful polishes is an absolute treat. And I will always give a fair and balanced review. But I will never give a glowing review simply in return for a free bottle of polish, because really, at the end of the day, no one benefits from that sort of arrangement.

If you would like me to review one of your products (including nail care items such as cuticle cream) or would like to contact me for any reason please email me at paintmarks01 at gmail dot com and we can discuss things further.

Em x

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