Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nail Art and Other Coping Mechanisms

So, I've been spending a lot of time reading nail polish blogs and playing around with my nails because wtf else am I gonna do?

Here's some pics of the gorgeous nail polishes I have collected, and some that I want oh so bad (Australian Indie polishes are amazing btw);

This is Arcane Lacquer's "Festive Embrace", a gorgeous red jelly packed with gold, red and holo glitter. My pics do not do it justice.

Arcane Lacquer's "Little Quibble"
Such a pretty green (I have a thing for purple and green polishes- I think I only own 1 blue... IDK why greens make me so happy)

This is Emily De Molly's amazing "Cosmic Forces", one of the most amazing polishes I have ever seen. It's like looking through the Hubble Telescope... stunning.

Another Emily De Molly "Fashion Victim" (swatch is from her web site) This is much, much more intense and sparkly in real life, it's gorgeous.

Emily De Molly "Serenity" (swatch from her site). A very pretty turquoise colour with copper, lavender and blue glitter

Emily De Molly's "Oceanic Forces", another amazing jelly polish with fabulous depth and holo glitter (swatch from her site). Love it.

And finally Emily De Molly's "Absent Minded". TBH this is the only polish I've bought from her that didn't floor me, but it is still very pretty. It might just be that I have too many similar coloured purples as it is, so it needs to be pretty amazing to impress me(swatch from her site)

Speaking of AMAZING purple polishes, meet Arcane Lacquer's "The Power and the Passion"
This is on my "must have" list bc omg sparkles! Green and purple! Shiney!
(swatch from Harlow & Co)

I've also recently bought an LED light and Gelish soak off base and topcoat so I can start to do some gel manis from home. I might do the odd one for friends, but it's mainly another way to fill in time as I wait and recover from various surgeries.

I did do the cutest nail stamping mani the other day, which ended up looking like a tiger. So much fun and a really cheery mani too- cute hey?

Anyway, that's what I've been doing recently to keep myself occupied while sitting on my disabled arse all day.

My car's alternator repairs have cost $760, of which I have paid $400 and I am hurting very badly financially speaking.

My surgery has been pushed back a week to the 7th of April and I have to pay $1195 in rent on the 5th and then pay $265 car rego on the 10th, plus I still owe $90 to the vets for my cat's $1800 surgery... this is all going on while living on around $20,000 a year on a disability pension with an additional parenting payment.

And my rent alone is over 50% of my income, let alone utilities, food, petrol, medication, school fees, school uniforms, clothes for my kid, vet care for my cats... you get the picture

This is Smudge, our baby cat who fell asleep with his leg over his head because he's a silly billy. I got him a couple of months after our precious Big Cat died as I felt that Peanut was lonely. Smudge adores Peanut, it's too cute.

And this is poor old Peanut after his major surgery- a double femoral osteotomy after he broke both back legs along the growth plate where the thigh bone meets the hip socket. He's much slower since the surgery and certainly can't jump fences anymore. He's had a rough trot- he's been hit by a car, had a bad reaction to the anesthetic when he was spayed and then he broke both back legs... but he's a sweetheart of a cat and we love him lots.

And my daughter, who just turned 10, is growing up so fast! And gee, she's going to be a very lovely woman :)

Anyway, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, and I thank god for the pension as it allows me to survive. BUT, I live on the poverty line, raising my daughter and 2 cats (plus a psychotic bunny rabbit). So emergencies like a vet bill or car repairs totally decimate my bank account.

Seriously, when you live on the dole there is no such thing as a financial safety net, there is no extra couple of hundred set aside for emergencies... it's always all spent because there is so little.
My daughter has school photos next week and I don't know how I'm going to pay for it...

Shame I decided to spend money on polish literally a couple of weeks before my car died. Like, my timing is so shitty.

I had thought I could maybe make a bit of $$$ here and there doing the odd manicure, so it seemed like a good investment at the time and I do have people interested.

And it's viable too as I can do nails while seated, so unlike house painting my disability doesn't affect my ability to do this, and I can work around my depression and so on by simply not doing anything when my mind isn't working right.

I had even thought I could eventually start making my own line of polish as I have some fantastic ideas, and it's something I think I could be really good at, however it takes a fair bit in terms of start up costs. But it was a goal to work towards at least.

Honestly, it really did seem like a good idea at the time, until I got hit by this financial avalanche of disaster, which has screwed me so totally I don't even know when I'll have a spare $20, let alone hundreds.

 At least my surgery is now taking place on the 7th of April, which is the 1st day of the school holidays, so I don't need to worry about having someone getting Sophia to and from school while I'm in Melbourne, getting cut open yet again.

Fingers crossed they get it right this time around- 3rd time lucky, right?

Regardless, I'm still attempting fantastic, I've just had a couple of major obstacles to overcome in the meantime ;)

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