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Today's post; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, by Grace-Full nail polish

Hi everyone, how's life treating you? Are you looking forward to xmas?  Personally I'm just scowling my way through the so called festive season, waiting for it all to be over for another year.
Yeah, I kinda hate Xmas.
But, I do have some goodies to share that would make for some fantabulous xmas pressies, so that's gotta be good, right?

A few posts ago I was very excited to be able to introduce you to a new polish on the Aussie indie scene, Grace-Full Nail Polish.
Theresa, the brains behind the brand, runs a well known blog called It's All About the Polish and, with her obvious love of polish combined with knowing what makes a really good polish, it came as no surprise that she eventually started dabbling with her very own creations. And so Grace-Full polish was born.

I really love the Grace-Full lacquers that I have tried so far, so imagine my excitement when I was asked to review polishes from Grace-Full's newest collection, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

As the name implies, this is a bright and cheerful collection, full of bold cremes, mega holo glitter and gorgeous shimmers. There is something for everyone here, with colours ranging from soft purple creme to bright lime shimmer to deep magenta glitter and I have 5 to share with you today.

Lets start with the two crelly shimmers. The shimmers do contain a lot of flakie/shimmer goodness, but even so the formula was very easy to work with, although you should wait a little between coats. I used 3 thin coats and, because of the sheer amount of flakies, the polish does dry slightly matte but a coat of Poshe gave it a great glossy finish.

First up is Hayley, a super vivid blue filled with blue flakies that gives it a fantastic reflective shimmer;

Now, I make no secret of the fact that I just don't really like blues. I like turquoise and aqua and teal, but true blues really just leave me cold (lol get it- blue? cold? I am a comedic genius I tells ya!) but I have worn Hayley twice in the last week, so that should give you an idea of how fabulous I think it is.
This blue just grabs you by the eyeballs and demands that you show it some respect. It is so bright and shimmery and gorgeous. Really top work.

But not to be outdone, lime green queen Karen saunters onto the scene and ups the ah-mazing factor even more;

I mean, really. Such a stunner of a colour. Needless to say, I adore Karen. This baby is packed with green flakies that give it a luminous gold glow that is so beautiful- if you have a thing for vibrant greens you need this one. For real.

All up there are a total of 5 bright, bold, shimmery crelly flakie lacquers available in the collection at $9.50 each or $42.75 for all 5.

Next up we have the cremes.
Now, these aren't thick cremes like some, they're almost like a creme/crelly hybrid- when I applied my first coat I thought I might need 3 generous coats to build up opacity because of the crelly-like feel to them, but surprisingly I only needed 2 thin coats. 
I also found them to be pretty glossy as they are, but for that extra shiny look and to minimise wear and tear I still applied a coat of Poshe anyway (top coat is a must really).

Here we have Jessica, a very pretty medium purple with a slightly dusky feel;

And Michele, a beautiful Jade green;

I must say, Theresa really does know how to make a good green- I have nothing quite like this colour and I really like how it manages to be subdued yet bold at the same time.
As with the shimmers, there are a total of 5 cremes in the collection. The cremes are priced at $8 each and are also available as a set with the addition of a complimentary topper called Maggie, full of matte orange, blue, fuchsia, white, and green glitters, in dots, triangles, diamonds and hex shapes, for $45 (Maggie is available individually for $9.50 too).

Finally we have Jayne, a holo microglitter jelly. Now, this is packed with microglitter but it never gets too thick to work with and I was able to apply 3 thin coats with no drama. Again, because of the microglitter, the polish dried to a texture finish so I just topped it with a generous coat of Poshe. 
I will add that this contains the most sparkly holographic microglitter I have ever seen. Seriously, my iphone didn't know what to do, poor thing.

I really love the colour of this polish and the level of sparkle is just out of this world. Plus it's a surprisingly easy formula to work with when you consider just how much holo microglitter is in there. Indeed, the formulas of every Grace-Full polish I have tried have been fantastic so far. 
As with the other styles in this collection there are 5 glitter polishes, ranging from microglitters to crelly glitters, available individually for $9.50 each.

And that's it! What do you think? I love how the polishes really seem to epitomise the whole Girls Just Wanna Have Fun theme- I think Theresa has nailed it (again).

The whole range is currently available through the Grace-Full Nail Polish site, as well as some very cute Xmas mini's (ideal for stocking stuffers), and the Nail That Accent core collection, which consists of glitter polish specifically designed to be worn over a base colour as an accent polish (although they can be worn as is and are super pretty).

Oh, and I may have treated myself to some Grace-Full stocking stuffers myself (I have been eyeing the Nail That Accent range ever since I first saw it, and I needed some of the other crelly shimmers and cremes from this collection too... uh oh!) so no doubt you'll be seeing some more of Grace-Full products in the very near future.

I hope that Xmas isn't driving you all to distraction like it is me, and I look forward to posting again real soon.

So until next time, ~love and polish for all~
Em x

Please see my "product disclosure" page regarding my reviews. Needless to say, I don't back a product unless I think it deserves it, regardless of whether I paid for it myself or if it was provided to me for my honest appraisal.
Em x

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