Thursday, 3 July 2014

Another Emily De Molly... the delightful Serenity

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently on hold with Centrelink, with an estimated wait time of only 45 minutes! Wow, I am so stoked! So I figured while I sit here with the phone stuck to my ear I might as well do some blogging...multitasking at its finest ;)
Ok, today I want to show you a gorgeous little polish by one of my all time favourite polish makers, Emily De Molly.
This one is called Serenity and is what I consider to be a perfect summer polish. I know it's the middle of winter here, but one of the facebook groups to which I belong had a "Sun and Sand" mani theme, so I figured that that was an ideal reason to break this baby out...

This is such a beautiful polish, but sooo damn hard when it comes to taking accurate photos of it- the colour is a stunning turquoise that can appear more blue leaning in some light and far more green leaning in others, hence the colour discrepancies in my pics. My apologies for that- I will say ten Hail Glitters as penance.

Serenity is a very easy polish to use, with a great balance between glitters and the creme/crelly base. I only needed two coats here for full opacity and one coat of Seche Vite to top things off. There was no fishing for glitter and no need to dab or place the glitter at all- it dispersed very evenly onto the nail. The dry time between coats was good and there was no dragging or balding or glitter clumping.
Really, there was nothing that I found problematic in terms of application, and three days into wearing it and there's no chipping and minimal tip wear, so it stays on well too. What else can I say? It's a great polish.

The thing that really lifts this polish up from being just another turquoise creme, in my opinion, is the delightful combination of glitters- there's aqua, gold hexes of various sizes and beautiful little bursts of lavender, along with what looks to be some small holographic hexes and some other tiny blue glitters as well.
It's these interesting colour combinations that make Serenity unique and so lovely to wear.

Emily De Molly is on hiatus at the moment due to the arrival of her little boy, but do continue to pop in there to check as her store will be up and running again soon (even better, Serenity is still part of her current range).

Also, if you check the tags here you'll see that I've reviewed several of her polishes recently and I am clearly a big fan of her products...well, she does offer some bloody ah-mazing polishes, plus stamping plates and various rhinestones and studs for nail decoration, so what's not to love?

Anyway, until next time ~love and polish for all~

Em xox


  1. Gorgeous as always Emma! I hope you are doing okay, take care.

    1. Thanks sweetie, you're always so kind with your comments :) How are you going? Hope it's a bit warmer where you are- it's bloody freeeeezing down here :\
      Em xox


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