Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Part 2 of my Two Birds Lacquer review

Hi guys, I'm really sorry for not getting this second part of my Two Birds post done sooner.
I'm just so tired, like sleeping 14 hours every night and then having to have a nap in the late afternoon tired. I know it's not normal to be this tired, and I'm pretty apathetic too. And yeah, those symptoms generally go hand in hand with depression in my experience, so I I'm not at my best right now.
Winter doesn't help, feeling a huge sense of foreboding over my future in terms of financial security- hell, my future in general- isn't helping either. So, that's why I haven't blogged much recently. Hopefully my energy will start to improve soon and I can get back into the swing of things. Until then, I hope you'll bear with my while I try to get it together.

O.k, onto the review. Today's post features the most divine blue glitter polish called Chrysocolla, which is part of Two Birds Lacquer's gemology collection. This collection is discontinued, so if you want to get your paws on this polish, and others in this collection, then I would head on over to Two Birds now before they're all gone. I've gone back and snagged a couple of spares myself because they're so lovely, and I don't want to regret not doubling up when I run out, so yeah, my advice is don't leave it too late.

Outdoor shots
Now, I will add that the colour of this polish is almost impossible to capture accurately, so my photos have a fair amount of difference about them as a result. In real life the polish is a gorgeous teal leaning blue. My bottle seems to be more teal than other swatches I've seen around, so whether that's down to monitor differences or those small differences in the polish that comes with buying hand made lacquers, I don't know. My indoor pics definitely have the polish looking more "true blue" in nature in comparison to the outdoor shots, but it looks amazing regardless.

Indoor shots
I've posted pics from both inside and outside to give you an idea of the colour differences I faced when taking pics of my swatches, but I feel that the outside shots are a more accurate representation of the colour of Chrysocolla, but obviously these things can be quite subjective. Anyway, onto the review...
Chrysocolla is a royal blue jelly polish filled with various sized blue glitter, including hexes and microglitter and I must say, it is really interesting how these glitters work together with the base, as the end result is an almost a foil-like finish.
Now, when I first applied this polish I honestly thought there's no way that it was going to become opaque on its own, not in a couple of coats anyway. But I managed to get great coverage with three thin coats, and only needed one generous coat of Seche Vite for the whole thing to have a super smooth finish.
And yet the polish isn't overloaded with glitter to achieve the level of coverage it has, which makes it super easy to apply and there's no need for dabbing or glitter placement, at all. Plus the base manages to be opaque enough to give excellent coverage while still allowing the glitter to shine through. Awesome, right?

Outside shots
I wish I could adequately explain just how interesting this polish is, I have never owned a glitter polish that has a finish quite like it. And I love it. It's such a pretty colour, so flattering, even on my winter pale skin.
It's polishes like this that have me reevaluating my "I'm not a blue polish gal" more and more, and with good reason- I really can't recommend this polish highly enough, and I really do encourage you to get yourself a bottle if you can. I'd be very surprised if you weren't as wowed by it as I am.

Indoor shots
Two Birds Lacquer is available through their etsy store, although postage is limited to Australia for the moment- hopefully international stockists will start to carry their range so people from all over can get a hold of, and appreciate, their products.

I have ordered a back up bottle of this, and I also have a couple of other polishes on the way too, so keep an eye out for more reviews of two Birds products.
I did, unfortunately, manage to break one of my nails on my swatching hand, resulting in a nail cull, so my swatches will be a little on the shorter side for a while, but hopefully the beauty of the polishes will shine through and my little nubs wont be too much of a detraction.

My poor little nubs ;_;
Anyway, until next time I hope this finds you well and I will do my utmost to blog a little bit more regularly from now on- the structure would probably benefit me too.

And of course, love and glitter for all,
Em xox

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