Monday, 9 April 2012

The crossfit journey begins

Well goddamn, blogger just ate my entire entry.
Quick recap because I'm not typing everything out again (ffffffffuuuuuuuuuu!);
I did my first crossfit session today and did pretty well I guess. I squatted 60kg (my body weight is around 60-62kg), did 20/15 wall walks which just killed me and 20/15 box jumps of a massive 12" haha, I am seriously uncoordinated ;) Plus a heap of skip rope.
I also managed to achieve my first crossfit related injury too- I copped a 6kg medicine ball to the collar bone which, not even gonna lie, hurt like a motherfucker. I am developing quite the bruise too!
And, to top it off, I even managed to eat pretty clean too- homemade pumpkin and sweet potato soup, zuchini "spaghetti" with bolognese (my spelling is terrible btw) sauce and some chicken tenders etc. I did eat a dark chocolate hot cross bun but fuck it, I'm still pleased with myself.

So, to keep things ticking over nicely here's some hot crossfit women :p


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