Saturday, 2 August 2014

A quickie post- Shades of Phoenix Thank You Mam, my newest bestest red glitterbomb :D

Hi all, I know I only did a review the other day but I just had to post about this polish because... well, you'll see why in a minute.
Like most of the polishes I feature here, Shades of Phoenix is an Aussie indie polish maker who makes some great lacquers, and I have reviewed a couple of their polishes here in the past, with Poseidon being one of my all time faves (just check the tags for Shades of Phoenix if you're interested).
Well, I can say without hesitation that these new ones have also really impressed me with both their quality and beauty. I think SoP are definitely stretching their creative wings, so to speak, and it's wonderful to see such great results- I feel like they are really coming into their own, which is just awesome.
The first photo here shows my recent purchase, and they are (from left to right) Spinach, Wham Bam and Thank You Mam. They're all amazingly blingy glitter polishes, but I simply couldn't resist Thank You Mam, so that's what I'm going to showcase today...

Thank You Mam is part of a special release duo, the other one being Wham Bam, which is a aqua glitterbomb whose sparkliness is beyond my ability to describe adequately... I can't wait to swatch it for you to see!
Thank You Mam is also amazingly glittery, but it appears to be in a slightly tinted jelly base which makes it more opaque than Wham Bam, which is in a clear base. I am wearing Thank You Mam over an undie (Ulta3's Chili) in these pics, but there is no doubt that this polish would be opaque in one or two coats by itself.
I love how this has flashes of gold and hot pink amongst the red glitter, it adds a little something extra to your average red glitterbomb in my oh so humble opinion (and, while there's a lot going on, it's not in the slightest bit too much). Mind you, there's really nothing average about this polish at all... it's freaking fabulous, seriously!

I mean, this polish grabs you by the lapels and shakes you until you give in and surrender to the awesomeness that is glitter. Honestly, it's so ridiculously sparkly in any and all light... Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz could have used it as a stand in for those famous ruby slippers.

O.K, down to the nuts and bolts of the review- Thank You Mam is an easy polish to use, there were absolutely no issues with application and dry time was good too. Just make sure you have a nice top coat on hand as it is very glitter dense (obviously) so it does dry somewhat gritty, but it's easily fixed with some Poshe or Seche or similar.
Because it is soooo intensely glittery you may find that you have to dab here and there, but I found using a red undie meant that I was able to apply is just as you would a creme. It also leveled really well and coverage was spot on- as I said earlier, I don't think undies are even necessary with this one and I'll probably try it without next time I wear it.

Pretty bloomin' gorgeous hey? I just keep staring at my nails, it's honestly that awesome.
To be frank, I think this might be the best red glitter bomb I own thus far, and that's saying a lot, especially considering just how many full coverage red glitter polishes I own. So Teneil, I tip my hat to you, you've really done a fantastic job.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to go and watch The Princess Bride with my daughter then hop into bed- it's freezing and pouring with rain, so what a great night for movies and snuggles with the kid and cats :)

Shades of Phoenix  is available through their website and is also trialing overseas shipping, so you fans from somewhere else are in luck and can get your paws on this polish and its mate, Wham Bam, right now if you're up for it... and why wouldn't you be? Look at it and try to resist, I dare ya! hehe

I'll be back with Wham Bam next, and I hope you've got your sunnies ready because goddamn is it sparkly! Woohoo!

Until then ~love and polish for all~

Em xox

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