Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lets all give a warm welcome to another new aussie indie, Resinail Lacquer

Howdy folks, hope you're all doing well (or at least not doing terribly anyway). I'm still battling the black dog of depression and I'm very tired and over it as it's been months and months of feeling awful and, even worse in a way, not feeling anything at all.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell at this point in time, but you didn't some here to read about how depressed I am, or the ins and outs of living with mental illness (although I do want to write a post about how nail polish helps me cope). So onto the polish.

Today I want to share with you a lovely new line of polishes by Resinail Lacquer, another Aussie indie fresh on the scene.
Michelle (the brains behind the brand) kindly asked me to swatch and review several of her polishes, and I am delighted to say that each and every one was lovely, the formulas were all very consistent and easy to use and the colours are fantastic. I now have around 4 or 5 Resinail Lacquers on my ever expanding "buy" list.

O.K, first up is the beautiful Fuchsia Fade, a thermal polish that changes from a pale, pearly pink when warm to a bright fuchsia when cold. This is my first ever thermal polish that actually works, and I am thrilled with how it looks. I definitely want to buy more thermals now that I know how amazing they can be.

Fuchsia Fade
These pics show the colour range from cold (the top photo) to warm (bottom). I used three thin coats and one of seche vite to top it all off. A very smooth, easy formula to use.
And these next pics are just for the sake of it because they're so pretty :)

Fuchsia Fade
Next up is a very pretty silver holographic polish called Urban Glitz. This is probably best suited as a topper as it is at the moment, so I used it over a China Glaze silver polish on my index and ring fingers and alone on my middle and little fingers.
I only used two coats over the China Glaze, but needed four generous coats to achieve opacity on my other fingers. Again I used a good coat of Seche Vite to seal the polish in and add a lovely shine.
Urban Glitz is a combination of silver holo, slightly larger holographic microglitter and silver holographic hex glitter. In the shade it's a very pretty silver polish, but when the right light hits it look out, it's rainbow city :)

Urban Glitz

As you can see, Urban Glitz is warmer when worn alone and is cooler in colour when worn over the silver undie. Either way I think it's a very pretty polish.

Urban Glitz
And finally, tied with Fuchsia Fade as my favourite is Flamingo Flakes, a gorgeous pink jelly polish filled with holographic microglitter. It's so eye-catching and is, like most of my faves, a definite driving hazard as it's hard to keep your eyes on the road when this beauty starts shining and flashing with rainbows and sparkle.

Flamingo Flakes
 It's hard to get the sparkles but here's some more pics, just because :)

Flamingo Flakes
So, that's my first, but definitely not last, review of Resinail Lacquer. At the moment shipping is only in Australia, but that may change so keep an eye out if you require international postage.
I am really pleased to have been asked to review these polishes and I am absolutely stoked with the quality and beauty of all three lacquers. I have no reservations in encouraging you to go check out Michelle's other products, and I am really looking forward to seeing what else Resinail Lacquer come up with next.
Also, check out Bab's Nails who has done a wonderful review of Resinail and has some gorgeous swatches to ohhh and ahhh over too.

And, as you can see on my disclosure page, my reviews are always honest and in no way biased in favour of, or against, the products I have been sent to review.

Welp, that's it for me today and I look forward to catching up again soon.

Until next time, as always, ~love and glitter for all~

Em xox


  1. Beautiful polish Emma. I am going to have to order some of these I think.

    1. Thanks Therese, they are very nice polishes indeed and Michelle is a total sweetheart. I'm pretty certain she' working on some new colours, so keep an eye out for those too (I've seen a few sample swatches around of prototypes and they look gorgeous).
      Em xox


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