Saturday, 6 September 2014

Emily De Molly is back y'all

Hi everyone, how are we today? I am feeling o.k- just got up from a nap because I only got 12 hours sleep last night :p
I do have some good news- I'm off to a job interview on Monday at a Veterinary Clinic to work 3 days a week while I study to become a qualified veterinary nurse... I'm not counting my chickens, but just getting back into going in for interviews is a huge step after two years of no work whatsoever. So think good thoughts around 2pm this coming Monday :)

Anyhoo, today I want to show you two luscious polishes by the lacquer that started my whole aussie indie obsession- Emily De Molly.
Now, her polishes are always, always beautiful to apply, rarely needing more than two coats and sometimes only one. These are no different. Restless is shown here with two coats and one of seche vite, Urban Haze is shown here with two coats and no top coat. Both were delightlful to use, no issues whatsoever.

So, lets have a look, shall we? I feel a little bad as I pretty much spammed my Instagram with pics of Restless, but it's so amazingly reflective and beautiful, I couldn't help myself. I easily ended up with over a hundred pics that I had to sort through and narrow down, this shizz had me mesmerised!

There's really nothing I can say to fully express how rich this colour manages to be, and as I said, it's also ridiculously reflective which gives it a wonderful luminosity that I love. In the shade it has very delicate flakies which give it depth and complexity and there's also some scattered holo going on in there too, but all of it is so finely balanced that no one thing overwhelms the other. Hayley really does have a great eye for what works.

The second polish that I'd like to share with you is a much more sublte number called Urban Haze, a smokey olive holo that has very small gold flakes scattered throughout. This is very holographic in the sunlight, but I actually prefer it in the evening, where a colour shift seems to happen that sees the polish reveal a lovely metallic charcoal as shadow hits it.
I'm actually planning to wear this on Monday to my job interview as I think it's lovely whilst still being understated (my daughter was surprised by my choice- she's used to me rocking things like bright pink glitters 99% of the time haha).

Urban Haze
Again, flawless application, great coverage, beautiful polish. Then again, Emily De Molly is a master at producing top shelf lacquers, so that's hardly surprising.

Urban Haze
Emily De Molly is available in Australia through their big cartel shop and there is a list of international stockists here.
As I mentioned above, Emily De Molly was my first ever indie polish- I had never even heard of indie polish before seeing a swatch of her amazing Cosmic Forces- and the rest, as they say, is history.
I now own a ridiculous amount of polish, the vast majority of it Australian indie lacquers. As much of a pain as living in the arse end of the world can be, we sure as hell have some amazing polish makers :)

Anyway, I will be back soon with more goodies to share (and hopefully a damn job too) but, until then as always ~love and polish for all~

Em xox

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