Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lets have a peek at Glam Polish Cauldron and Banished, shall we?

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. I'm ok, my girl is off to school camp on Monday, so the house is a bit haotic with doing washing and packing bags, especially as I have to be in Melbounre also to see my surgeon again this Monday, but we're all traveling well.

Can you tell that I'm trying to be more consistent with my blog posting? Only a week between this and my last one. Impressive! haha
TBQH I don't know whether I should do a quick daily thing that just shows you a few shots of my NOTD or if I'm better off doing a weekly post that is a little more chatty and in-depth. What do you reckon? I kinda like being able to ramble a bit, but then I worry I'm not "doing a blog" right.
Regardless, you're getting a post today, so there ;)

This is actually a bit of a quickie, I just wanted to share a couple more swatches from Glam Polish's Cast a Spell II collection, which I am still making my way through.

Today I want to show you Cauldron, which is a deep teal holo glitter polish, and Banished, a deep dark burgundy red in the style of all the Cast a Spell polishes; that is, highly pigmented, lots of holo sparkle and added little hex glitters and probably some fairy dust too, because they all apply, and look like, magic on the nail.
This is Cauldron, shown here with two coats and then one generous coat of Seche Vite to smooth it all out and add that shine that I love.

As you can see, Cauldron is a stunningly rich, sparkly beauty which received several admiring comments when I was wearing it (ok, so maybe I started wiggling my fingers and asking people to look at my new nail polish, but that's pretty much the same thing, right?).

And this is Banished. I will note that Banished was a little more glitter hungry than the others and so I applied one coat of Essence Gel Look top coat and one of Seche Vite on top of that and got a beautiful finish.

What I love about banished is how the little hex glitters smoulder unnoticed and then suddenly erupt into fire on the nail as the light changes. It really made me think of some witch banished to hell and the fires of that fiery doom were peeking out of the polish... yes, I like to read horror stories and watch shows like True Blood and Supernatural ;)

Anyway, IMHO Glam Polish have totally hit each and every polish in this collection out of the ball park, there isn't a single one that I put on and don't go gaga for- seriously, if you can only chose a few don't worry, because they are all freaking Stunning with a capital S.

Oh, and just to add to my financial woes, Glam have just come out with another amazing looking collection too, inspired by Storybrooke, so I will definitely swatch some of those when they arrive (no/low-buy? whatever do you mean?)

Until next time, ~love and polish for all~

Em xox

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