Friday, 10 October 2014

Today's post is all about Glittering Elements' Halloween Collection plus a stunning, unreleased limited edition

Hi y'all, hope the week has treated you kindly, but thank goodness for the weekend.
I'm so excited about today's post, which is to help showcase Glittering Elements Halloween Collection, and a special sneak peak at a lovely Limited Edition polish that is to be released soon.
This is a fairly picture heavy post, so beware ;)
OK, onto the show.
Firstly, a quick rundown of the polishes in the Halloween collection. This lot consists of five polishes, three of which are in the same family of dark grey/black/slate colours but with a very individual look, the other two belonging to the lovely deep vampy burgundy colours that I adore.
Application wise every single polish was excellent, really impressive. I really could have gotten away with one generous coat but went with two out of habit. All are shown here with one coat of Seche Vite on top. They all also wore really, really well :)

Alrighty then, here we go.
First up is Machete Massacre, so named because of Jason's choice of weapon in the Friday the 13th flicks. Machete Massacre is a blackened blue base with delicate green and rose micro shimmer flecks and a very subdued, scattered holographic shimmer;

Machete Massacre

Isn't it gorgeous? I swear, with each polish I tried on I suddenly had a new "favourite" ;)
Oh, also, I guess some feedback is wanted- would you rather see the polishes as I normally do them (as above) or like this? I like collages a lot, but I worry you're not really going to see the polishes well enough to know what you're looking at. I'd love some feedback, so hit me up if you want.

Okalydokealy, as Ned would say, here's Never Sleep Again (a nod to Nightmare on Elm Street). This one is a gorgeous dark, slate grey filled with delicate rose gold flakies and shimmer, with scattered holo to add that spark in the sun;

Never Sleep Again
Next up we have Trick, Treat or Die, a homage to the classic, Halloween. This is a blackened charcoal silver base filled with a rainbow of flakies- rose, blue, green, gold- and that lovely holo sparkle;

Trick, Treat or Die
 Almost there haha ;)

Ok, next up is the stunning Raising Hell, a little homage to Hell Raiser, a glorious dark burgundy plum that veers to a beautiful deep purple. There is also a very special holo sparkle which adds such a beautiful touch;

Raising Hell
And the final place in the Halloween Collection goes to the gloriously named "Blood, Guts, Gore and Glitter".
Now, I wont lie, this is my absolute favourite. I am such a sucker for good squishy jellies- and glitter, and holo microglitter :D Oh man... *drool* And this is a two coater too, which is freaking brilliant imho

Blood, guts, gore and glitter
And last but certainly not least, is the very beautiful Unicorn in a Bottle, a limited edition to be released soon (check here to see their current range and to keep up to dates with new releases).
Unicorn in a Bottle is a delicate pink/silver (almost a pink champagne) stunner full of small iridescent hex glitter, holo microglitter, golden shimmer and an almost golden duochrome effect in certain light. Gorgeous.

Unicorn in a Bottle
Phew! That was one hell of a giant post! Lots of pics too, I honestly am so bad at culling my pics down to one or two, because polish looks so fabulous in so many lights (and I suffer from debilitating anxiety when it comes to decision making, which doesn't help).

So, what do you think? I am bowled over by how well made all of these polishes are and how, even with the first three dark polishes, each stood out on its own and was strong and beautiful in its own right.
I'd also like to say thanks to Casey, the lovely gal behind Glittering Elements, for giving me the opportunity to try her polishes and review them for all of you. And, hand on heart, these are great polishes- not a single one had anything but a great formula and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of them.

I hope you liked this post and head on over to Glittering Elements to see what else Casey has on offer (holos!).

Until next time, ~love and polish for all~

Em xox

Please note; these products were given to me for my honest appraisal and review- I do not recommend anything if I don't think it's a good product and I am always honest, firm but fair and upfront with my reviews.

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