Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Introducing Grace-Full nail polish

Hi guys, how are you doing? I'm super excited today as I have been sent some nail polish to review by the lovely Theresa of It's All About the Polish- a blog I have been following for ages now as Theresa's swatches are immaculate and her nail art is accessible for even n00bs such as myself.
Anyway, when I heard that she was dabbling in the world of polish making I was super stoked as I knew she would know what makes a great polish and, hopefully, turn that knowledge into a good polish herself. Well, Theresa has done that and more, creating polishes that not only apply beautifully but are also unique amongst my ever growing collection.
So, today I would like to introduce you to the lovely Grace-Full Nail Polish. But before I do that, just a quick word on the name- Grace-Full is named after Grace, Theresa's little girl who was only with us for a few short days before passing away. I think the name is beautiful and such a wonderful way to honour Grace's memory as well as reminding us that, although our loved ones may be gone, they are far from forgotten.
And with that, on to the polish.
Grace-Full currently has three collections, a core group of glitter toppers called Nail That Accent (I have seen swatches of these and need them all), a Xmas collection and another group based on Lord of the Rings called the Fellowship Collection.
For today's review I have been given four lacquers from the Fellowship Collection and a lovely glitter polish from the Xmas collection.
Application wise all were good, the crellies being a special surprise for me as I usually have a really hard time with them, but these went on so easily- I might be a crelly convert yet! The glitters, while being somewhat thicker due to the amount of glitter, also went on very easily. The trick is to keep the coats thin and that was easy to do.

Grace-Full Nail Polish
So, lets start with the Fellowship Collection.
First up is You Have My Bow, inspired by Legolas Greenleaf. It is a bright, emerald green jelly filled with different sized and shaped glitter, from tiny gold microglitter to iridescent green triangles. This is three easy coats with two of Seche Vite on top;

You Have My Bow
Next up is the stunning The White Rider, a pale silver polish chock full of very fine holographic glitter, named after the transformation of Gandalf the Grey to his final incarnation as Gandalf the White. This is a real eye catching polish, the rainbows never stop flashing, so pretty. I have used this several times now as an accent nail also, it's so beautiful...

The White Rider
This next polish is the gorgeous Lady of the Woods, named after Galadriel, the Lady of Light. This is a soft, creamy white crelly filled with gold and platinum flakes, holographic microglitter and iridescent glitter. This is such a delicate, feminine lacquer, very understated yet still eye catching with the gold flashing out and the iridescent glitter coming alive in the sunlight.
It was very hard to capture, but hopefully you get some idea of how lovely it is.
I had to use three coats, but only because my nails are so stained that it actually shows through light colours. I sealed this one with one coat of Poshe;

Lady of the Woods
The final polish sent to me from The Fellowship Collection is also my favourite. This is The Fellowship Cloak, named after the colour shifting cloaks given to the Fellowship of the Ring by Galadriel.
This lacquer is an absolutely gorgeous sage green crelly filled with just the right amount of glitter, from copper to iridescent blue-green and delicate silver. I adore this polish, I didn't want to take it off. I don't have anything like it in my collection and I just love it. And, much to my amazement, this applied like butter. In fact, both crellies were a delight to use. I tip my hat to Theresa for managing to make a crelly I enjoyed applying ;)
I only needed two coats here and one of Poshe to seal the deal...

The Fellowship Cloak
And the last polish I was sent is from Grace-Full's Xmas collection. This is Merry, a festive polish filled with red, green and gold microglitter. This is super sparkly and easy to apply. I almost managed to get away with one coat but applied two out of habit. I then used two coats of Seche Vite to smooth it all out;

All up I have to say I am really impressed with these lacquers. Every one applied well and looked gorgeous and it's clear that a lot of thought has gone into each one- even the care taken with the glitter levels in the crellies show a great attention to detail that makes these polishes well worth a look-see.
There are currently three collections available over at Grace-Full and if you love well made aussie Indies then head on over and take a peek, there's something there for all tastes.
And congratulations to Theresa for entering the nail polish game with such beautiful products- I know I will definitely be adding more Grace-Full polishes to my collection and I look forward to seeing just what Theresa comes up with next.

Until next time, ~love and polish for all~
Em xox

Please note; these polishes were sent to me for my honest appraisal

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