Thursday, 9 October 2014

Letters from Migraine Land, x-ray pics, some Glam Polish swatches plus a very special upcoming polish review *phew!*

Hello all (and I do mean all... wow, a tonne of new followers, awesome!). Oh, I use ellipses a lot. I know, totally annoying... sorry.
Anyhoo, I have been oh so slack, a slacker is me! It's a terrible thing, but I actually have some valid(ish) excuses for being such a slattern with blog upkeep; I've had the migraine fairy visiting me this week, an adventure that saw me in bed from Tuesday til Thursday.
Fuck migraines, for real. They are unbelievably debilitating and, at the time, you really do wish you would just die already because the pain and the vomiting don't let up for 12, 24 sometimes even 36 hours. Ghastly things :(

Aside from having my head in a bucket for almost two days I also had to go to St Vincent's to see my orthopedic surgeon, to see if there's anything that can be done to help repair what now looks like to be permanent nerve damage and some loss of mobility with my left leg. From crossfit to a cane, yep. Good times.

What do you expect whe you have this much metal holding your pelvis together though, really...
my buggered pelvis :\
See those bright circle things (they remind me of spaghetti-o's)? That's plating and screws, running all the way from the left side of my birth canal to the back of my frigging pelvis. That's a lot of plating and a lot of screws (over a dozen!).
Anyway, after waiting over an hour to get my latest x-rays my surgeon had to leave, so I have to travel back down to Melbourne in two weeks (and it's the drive to and from Melbourne that seems to trigger my migraines, so hell yeah! fun times indeed!).

But, and this is a big but, I have an omg amazing polish review that I will get up sometime tomorrow featuring Glittering Elements and their glorious Halloween collection plus a sneak peak at a very special L.E polish that is so pretty... you will love it :D
Casey, the gal behind the brand, very generously asked me to swatch and review these polishes and I'm so happy to have been given the opportunity to showcase yet another amazing Aussie indie (and I have another one coming up that is very near and dear to my heart).

Plus I still have a whole heap of stunning Glam swatches that I need to post... here's a peak

Glam Polish's Elixir
Ummm can you see this? Isn't it ah-mazing?! Ugh, I can't even. It's too perfect. I wore that baby til chips were showing (gasp!) and I didn't give a damn, it was just that mesmerising and green and sparkly. All my favourite things in one polish. By far my favourite out of the Cast a Spell II collection.
Go check out Glam Polish and see if you can resist their wares. I don't own a single Glam that I don't love, so I have no hesitation giving them a shout out, they're definitely worth a go.

And that's it for now.
Tomorrow, big post, lots of swatches, lots of pretties for you do covet ;)

Until next time ~love and polish for all~
Em xox

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