Friday, 6 June 2014

I'm going dotty in my old age ;)

Just a very quick post today. I don't normally show you my attempts at nail art because they're usually not good enough to bother with, in my opinion (although I am my own harshest critic, that's for sure).
But today I tried my first ever dot manicure and I love how it turned out- it's really freaking cute if I do say so myself :)
This is heavily inspired by the work of Debbie Crumpet who does the most adorable and clever things with dots and nail polish- seriously, if you don't follow her blog you really should.
Anyway, because it's winter here I decided to do a darker take on her mani and this is the result;

How freaking cute is this mani? I love it! And my daughter was legitimately impressed rather than doing her usual "lets just humour mum until she stops waving her fingers at me", which means I really hit the mark.
Have some more photos;

The best things about this mani was just how seriously easy it was to pull off. I used a cheapie black (Mud) and then just used a variety of dotting tools to apply various colours.
I wanted the colours to be bright and bold as they wouldn't stand out against the black otherwise, so I blended a few of the lighter colours with my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear white to give them a boost and that was that.
Two generous coats of Seche Vite and I had this cute, bright and cheery manicure that looks great, especially when you consider both hands took around 25-30 minutes all up. And my non dominant hand looks great too! Yay!
The dotting tools cost me around $2.00 on ebay and I just used a plastic take away container lid as my palette and there you have it, one very cheap-but-cute dotty manicure, winter edition.

Hope you like it as much as I do and I'd love to see your dot manis, so hit me up on my instagram or twitter if you'd like to share.

Until next time I hope you're all having a rockin' day, and for the Aussies I hope you have a great Queen's Birthday long weekend.

Em xox

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