Friday, 13 June 2014

ooohhhh pretty, my first Dollish Polish

Hello constant reader, I hope you're having a great week and that your coming weekend is just as enjoyable.
As you may have noticed, I tend to focus a lot on Australian indie polishes, and that's because we have amazing polish makers that deserve a hell of a lot of praise and I'm more than happy to task myself with trying out so many lovely lacquers- all in the name of research, of course ;)
However, ever since I stumbled onto the secret world of polish-aholics I have discovered what are called "de-stash sales", which are basically sales of polishes that people don't want for whatever reason- not the right colour, not their cuppa tea or they just don't get worn enough to justify the space that could be used for hoarding different bottles of polish.
And de-stash sales have given me an opportunity to try a lot of international indie brands that just haven't been on my radar or that I haven't had the money to try. Today's polish is one of the latter ones- I've heard of Dollish Polish but I have so many on my "needs" list I simply haven't gotten around to trying any of their wares until now.
So, drum roll please... Introducing Dollish Polish "Vampire's Coven";

This is such a gorgeous, squishy, vampy jelly- I love it. It's definitely a layering polish though, as the base is too sheer to achieve opacity in only a couple of coats, but it looks ah-mazing over a nice red (in this case Essence "do you speak love" which is a dark, one-coater red). I reckon it would also look fantastic over black too.

The polish itself is a sheer black jelly filled with various red and black squares, hexes and dots. There might even be the some hot pink glitter in there, but the base makes it a bit hard to tell. Either way, it all adds up to a delightfully deep, alluring polish.
For these pictures I ended up using three good coats of Vampire's Coven over the Essence red and sealed it all in with two coats of Seche Vite, just to add to that glossy depth that makes this polish so lovely, and I am beyond happy with the results.

It's just so squishy! I love it- I really want to sink my teeth into it's deep berry goodness, so they've definitely succeeded in the vampire stakes too (lol, so many bad puns, I'm so sorry haha).

I am definitely a fan of vampy reds, and it's polishes like this that remind me why (and make me think I really should wear them more often). I don't know when I'll be in a position to acquire more Dollish Polish, but it's definitely a matter of when, not if, because I am really taken with this one and I'm keen to try more.
You can find them over at Dollish Polish on Big Cartel and they ship internationally too, which is awesome for us Aussies.

Welp, that's it from me for now anyway, I'm still recovering from a terrible migraine and should probably keep my exposure to the computer screen down to a measly couple of hours while I still feel it lurking in the background.

Em xox

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