Tuesday, 3 June 2014

It puts the polish on its fingers... yep, Emily De Molly has kidnapped my heart with this one

Hello again. What a dreary, crappy couple of days its been here in Rye- normally I get some pretty good shots outside even if it is a bit overcast, but it's so dark and gloomy it's almost impossible to take a decent picture with my super-duper fancy camera phone ;)

Regardless, I battled on to bring you some photo's of one of my favourite polishes, Emily De Molly's "Absent Minded".
This was one of the first ever indie polishes I ordered, along with Cosmic Forces and Fashion Victim.
And, to be honest, when I first tried this one on I was disappointed, it was so much more laid back than the others, and it felt a little plain in comparison.
But I slowly warmed to it, and now I love how understated the polish is whilst still having a lot of complexity.

Emily De Molly's "Absent Minded"

Isn't it lovely? Hayley has managed to create a beautiful polish, with the copper and aqua glitters adding a subtle twist which elevates it above your standard purple polish into something quite special.

As with most Emily De Molly polishes I own it is easy to apply, and there is no fishing required for the glitter- each brush stroke is loaded with enough glitter to cover the nail, but not so much that it overwhelms the base colour.
The base itself is a blue-leaning purple crelly, and it is the perfect opacity to allow full coverage of the nails while still allowing the glitter to shine through. I only needed two coats for these pictures, although I do recommend a generous coat of Seche Vite or similar just to even things out on the nail and to give it that lovely glossy look.

There really isn't much else to say about Absent Minded as I feel that the pictures speak for themselves. This really is a stunner, but it's subtle enough that I think you could wear it to work without causing too much fuss.

"Absent Minded" is still available as far as I know, however Hayley is currently on hiatus as she's just had a baby, but her store should reopen soon.

I must say, in my oh-so-humble opinion, that Emily De Molly is well worth checking out. She is one of the best known and well loved polish makers here in Australia and for good reason; the quality of her polish is consistently excellent and she offers a great range too, from subtle work safe holos to in-your-face blingtastic creations. She also has a line of stamping plates which I have heard are excellent too (although I haven't tried them myself- stamping's a lot harder than it looks).

Here's hoping Hayley returns to the indie polish worlds sooner rather than later (I have several polishes that I didn't get a chance to snag before she went on maternity  leave and I must have them!).

And that's it from me today- I hope your weather is nicer than what we've got down here at the moment and that everything is traveling along nicely.
I'll be back in a day or so with more swatches as I still have so many to play with from my last polish haul (not to mention that I may have just bought over 10 more bottles from several de-stash sales... someone stop me, please!).

~in polish we trust~
Em xox

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