Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pretty basic, and basically very pretty (yeah, it's hard coming up with post titles)

Hullo from miserable cold, "gale force winds knocked down trees all over the joint" Melbourne, where you get to experience four seasons in one day on the regular.

Today I just have a super basic mani to share- another "dotticure" as they're known. I used a gorgeous polish called "Seas the Day" by Australian polish maker Sea Siren Cosmetics as the base and then used a Skin Foods gold polish for the dots.
I love how this turned out. In fact, I still have it on 4 days later. It reminds me very much of shot silk- I used to have a sarong that had very similar colours and this really captures that sense of opulence.

Isn't this pretty? I really love the vibrancy of the colours. Application-wise Seas The Day was great, with beautiful coverage after two thin coats (I probably could have used one coat but I was using a sample sized bottle so there wasn't much on the brush).
Then I popped on a coat of Seche Vite, waited for everything to dry and then used my el-cheapo dotting tools and the Skin Food "Nail Vita" gold polish for the dots, and voila! Instant mani that looks far more complex than it really is ;)

And there you have it, my pretty basic, and basically quite pretty, dotticure.
I'm waiting on several nail mail parcels to arrive over the next week or so, so there's going to be a heap of new polishes to swatch... woohoo! Not to mention all the untrieds I currently have sitting here, making me feel guilty for neglecting them... O.K guys, I promise, you'll all get a turn eventually, swear to god. Would I lie to you?  *shifty eyes*
Haha, seriously, I have so much polish at the moment, I'm actually feeling overwhelmed when it comes to choosing what to try next but I can't stop wanting more. It's a terrible affliction, to be sure.

Anyway, lots of happy thoughts to you all and I hope you're enjoying life and all that jazz. It's school holidays as of tomorrow, so I might even be allowed to give my daughter a mani! If she lets me- she's not nail polish mad, yet, but I'm working on it.

Until next time, love and polish for all
Em xox


  1. Beautiful colour combo, the purple is a gorgeous colour!

  2. Thanks doll, I must say I really like it too. I've worn it for 4 days straight, which must be a record! Hope you're traveling well <3


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