Saturday, 19 April 2014

Celestial Cosmetics "Nomad"

Just a quick blog about Celestial Cosmetics "Nomad" nail polish.
It's a very sheer red jelly with very small red glitter and larger reflective circles that seem to float on the nail.

In my opinion it is far too sheer to wear alone, so I layered 3 coast over Ultra3's Chilli (Ultra3 is a great low end Australian nail polish that has some fab colours).
Again, my swatches need practice and I only have my phone's camera to work with, but these should give you an idea of what Nomad looks like- I reckon it's awesome, the glitter and jelly combo makes it look as if it's lit from within when light hits it and it has that fantastic jelly depth and squishiness that I love.
Anyway, on to the swatches;

Celestial Cosmetics "Nomad"

So, what do you think? I love it, although I think this will be a bit like a good wine and get better with age as the polish thickens up a little bit.

And I think my mum would have loved it too <3

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