Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dear Nubar duochrome nail polish, where have you been all my life?

OMG. That pretty much sums up my reaction to these two polishes when I opened my little package today.
Inside were two Nubar nail polishes- Iris Dust and Wildlife- both of which are duochromes.
Now, these have been around for a couple of years and there's not much out there written about them, so I wasn't expecting anything too amazing.
Well, I was wrong. They are simply gorgeous, and at $5.50 a pop I will be collecting the other two on my shortlist.

Here's Nubar Iris Dust and Wildlife

Now I didn't swatch them on my nails because I have a massively glittery mani on and getting it off is a total PITA. I'm also expecting some goodies from Celestial Cosmetics (my first ever nail purchase from them- so excite!) and I really want to try on the green polish that's included in that purchase, so I swatched these babies onto some of those nail stick thingies instead (I am so articulate!).

Here's the lovely Iris Dust (please excuse the totally crappy pictures- I don't have a camera and I need to build a light box, so yeah, not great quality);

Nubar "Iris Dust"

 It's a lovely dark pink, leaning towards purple polish with a beautiful copper through to bronze duochrome effect. It's quite sheer, but three coats and it looks great. I didn't add a top coat here, but on the nail I would recommend it just to amp up the shine factor.
The application was very smooth and there's no visible brush strokes. All in all a very nice polish.

Now onto Wildlife. Now, I'm a sucker for green polish. I just love green. And oh boy does this polish make me feel all warm and gooey inside *sigh*
Here we go;

Nubar "Wildlife"

I just love this- the colour shift from dusty pink to green is so strong- it's the strongest duochrome I've ever owned.
Mind you, I've never really bought many because they've always left me feeling a little ripped off, like the promise that's in the bottle never eventuates when applied to the nail.
But with this baby? Oh yeah. It honestly gorgeous.
The application was a dream, the formula was slightly thicker than Iris Dust so it was easier to achieve opacity. This is three coats of Wildlife with no top coat. Again, I would recommend a coat of seche vite or poshe when wearing it as I think a super shiney finish would make this look even more delicious than it already does.

And here's some pics of the two polishes side by side;

Aren't they stunning? I am definitely considering doubling up on Wildlife because it's a discontinued colour and I've only found one place that has it on ebay thus far. I also want to get my hands on Purple Beach and Moon Shadow (also known as Moon Eclipse).

I am very interested in the Dance Legend duochromes also, and the fact that they're named after Monsters Inc characters makes them all the more appealing imho :)
But they're more pricey and I worry about them being shipped safely from Russia- their postal service isn't exactly renowned for their care and prompt delivery y'know?

Anyway, that's enough from me. Now I've just got to resist removing my polish until the Celestial Cosmetics polish arrives... gah!

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