Saturday, 19 April 2014

Some old polishes that deserve a mention- the Coral Colours "Princess" collection

Hi there folks, happy Easter if you're into celebrating that, and happy weekend if you're not.
I have some pics I'd like to share of a Coral Colours polish collection that came out last spring (or the one before that?)- I think it was called the Princess collection, but I can't find any info online to confirm that.
Anyway, this collection is soooo pretty- all sparkly, soft, shimmery and colourful.

The polish is best described as a very finely milled glitter polish in a tinted base, although truth be told I have never come across a polish quite like it, even amongst glitter polishes.
The application is great, it isn't too thick like some glitter polishes can be and the distribution of glitter is so even it applies almost like a normal creme, albeit a creme on the thinner side.
Three coats gets you to full opacity, although you can get away with two with some of the brighter colours.
The polish dries to a smooth finish and is incredibly sparkly, even in muted light. In fact, in the pictures I've included here I'm not even wearing a top coat- I didn't even own a proper top coat back then- and it still has a smooth, deep shine to it.
Of course, like all glitters, it's an absolute pain in the arse to remove, so I'll definitely try using one of those "peel off" undercoats next time I decide to use them.

Here's come pics of the bottles;

One of my favourite ways to wear them is as a rainbow gradient, and I did these manicures long before I heard of ombre nails or of sponging nails to achieve the same look (which I'm sure would have made it a hell of a lot easier).
So these were done by very carefully layering one colour over the next and by doing my best to make the transition between the colours look as smooth as possible;

Coral Colours nail polish

As you can see, the polish is super sparkly, but the colours are still quite soft at the same time.
Here are two absolutely terrible pics I took while swatching the polishes in various colour combinations;

Like I said, terrible swatches!

These also work really well as a glitter gradient over a creme base and can really make a basic colour pop that way.
The polish is, however, a little too dense to use as a glitter top coat imho, as it tends to cover up the underlying polish too thoroughly, so gradients and accent nails are definitely the way to go when using this line.

Having looked at these photographs again I really feel like I should do a proper swatch of each colour, because they are just so lovely- they definitely deserve to be shown properly.

It's such a shame Coral Colours discontinued this line because I think it's one of their best collections to date- the quality was spot on and I think the range could have done really well if they'd managed to get the word out amongst Australian nail bloggers.

Hopefully they'll decide to come up with something similar again, maybe a darker, more Autumnal range (I would be all over that!). TBQH I wish I had bought up more bottles than I did when they were still available- the thought of running out makes me quite frugal with them as it is :\

What do you think? Would you give them a go if they released this line again? I know I would... I'm just imagining a deep red polish using the same formula *yes please!*

Hope you're having an awesome weekend :D
Em x

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