Sunday, 20 April 2014

Changing the blog around... and cat spam

Eh, I thought I'd have a play with the blog's set up and have made it a lot brighter and more "feminine". I'm not sure if I like it yet- although I'd love to have those cushions on my bed haha
What do you think, non-readers of my blog who don't comment because you don't exist?
Nay or Yay?

Speaking of kids (ahaha, see I wasn't, but it doesn't matter as no one else is reading this, so random subject changes are irrelevant) my little one has been away for over a week now. It's weird because I haven't really spoken to another person in all that time, except for a couple of phone calls and one outing to the supermarket.
I need to get out there more, it's just too easy for me to stay at home and exist exclusively online.
I do talk to my cats though, so that counts for something right? Guys?



Being cute together

I have no idea

Bendy cat is adorable

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