Monday, 28 April 2014

Today lets have a look at Nubar's "Purple Rain"

Hello all (just kidding- no one reads this blog but I like to pretend hehe).
Anyhoo, today I received two bottles of polish in the mail, Nubar "Purple Rain" and Nubar "Cactus".
It was hard deciding which polish to use as one is purple and sparkly and the other is a fabulous looking green, but I decided to try the glitter polish because why not.

I also recently bought a "peel off" base coat on ebay, so I figured using a glitter heavy polish was also a good time to test this undercoat too (I just spelt out "undercats" haha... I almost adopted a third cat the other day too, but that's for another post).

So, on with the swatches;

Nubar "Purple Rain"

Purple Rain is a sheer dark purple base with lots of bright purple and holographic microglitter. The first two coats had me thinking that it wasn't going to look too good and that it was too patchy to wear without an undie, but a third coat evened everything out and it looks fine now.

with flash (shows off that lovely microglitter)

This was a bit of a surprise, it's a lot darker than I was expecting, but it looks really good on my hands and when sunlight hits my nails the polish goes from "nice" to "woah".
I ended up using two generous coats of Seche Vite to give it a nice glossy finish and overall I'm quite pleased with this polish.

Obviously this is not on the level of, say, Emily De Molly's "Cosmic Forces", but for a $4 polish it's pretty damn good and I am definitely becoming a fan of Nubar- it's just a shame that it's only available through a couple of vendors on ebay (I have the same issue with Color Club, another polish that I really like that's freaking near impossible to buy without paying ridiculous shipping fees).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these swatches and keep and eye out for an upcoming post featuring my first Femme Fatale polishes... I am soooo excited for that package to arrive, any day now :D

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