Thursday, 1 May 2014

A quick peak at some stunners

Hey guys, I'm off to see my doctor (and hopefully get back on the morphine for my pain- the cold is not good for my plated hip).
anyway, I will do some proper swatches soon, but here's a couple that I simply had to share.

First up is Nubar's Cactus, a beautiful, rich swampy green that has a gold shimmer to it in certain lighting.
I am in love with this colour and suspect I will double up when I have some spare $...

Nubar's Cactus
This is a devilishly tricky polish to capture on my iphone- it's more "swampy" IRL, this makes it look cooler than it really is. The top pic is probably closest to the true colour.

The polish itself applied really well, 3 thin coats and one swipe of top coat and that was it- the formula wasn't streaky or slow drying, it reached opacity easily and the depth of the colour is fantastic. I can't praise this enough- I'm really, really pleased I went with this colour.

Now, I did my nails with Cactus last night and, of course, this morning this gets delivered;

Can you say gorgeous?

This is my first ever order from Femme Fatale, an Australian company that produces its own indie polishes as well as stocking a great range of other brands, especially indie brands.
What you see pictured is two Dance Legend polishes from their chameleon range- Roz and Sully (far left).
And the other two are by Femme Fatale themselves- we have Snapvine (teal) and Sea Pony (purple).
Unfortunately I don't have time to do a proper mani right now, but I couldn't resist trying the multichrome Roz and I just threw one coat of it over the Nubar polish.
Amazingly, that was enough for the polish to show just how strong its multichrome effect is- I am in awe;

Dance Legend's Roz

Now, this was a very quick play with Roz and my pics don't do it justice (a common refrain, as you may have noticed- that's what using a camera phone gets you).
But even with my quick and somewhat messy application you can see just how strong the colour shift is.
I am honestly blown away- this is by far the strongest multichrome I have ever come across. Just fantastic.

Anyway, my biggest challenge now is deciding on which colour to try next- they're all so lovely and I am sooo indecisive :\

Hope you enjoyed the quick update
Em x

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