Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A quick post today featuring Powder Perfect's "Elation"

Well, I just couldn't leave well enough alone and ended up changing my polish again today, because why the hell not.
I also attempted to make a light box so I could take nice photos inside as it's winter here and the weather is pretty gloomy. It looks right, but i doesn't do what I was hoping it would. So I ended up going out and taking pictures of my hand in the rain again, most likely cementing the neighbour's view that I'm a crazy lady along the way.

Pictured; failure
I honestly have no idea why the damn thing doesn't do what it's supposed to, after all, it's a pretty basic concept. But it really doesn't help with my picture taking, at all. I suspect I'm just really crap at crafty stuff.
I also decided to attempt a little stamping along with my basic manicure, and again it didn't quite work out how I pictured it in my head. But it's still better than the bloody light box ;)

Powder Perfect's "Elation"

Thankfully Jacinta, from Powder Perfect, is a lot better at this home made business than I am and she's created yet another stunning, keep-your-eyes-on-the-road, OMG sparkles! microglitter polish.

Elation, part of the Euphoria Collection, is a teal jelly microglitter that is very similar in formula to yesterday's polish, Kevin!.
It's really easy to apply and I only needed two thin coats to get full coverage, with no dragging or balding along the way. It dried super fast and, while I guess it could be worn as a textured polish, I think it really comes into its own with several good coats of Seche Vite or similar.
Sure, it requires a fairly generous couple of coats of top coat to get a totally smooth finish, but really, when something looks this good I don't care about using three coats instead of one.

The colour itself is simply gorgous- really rich and complex. There's a few different coloured microglitters in there- although it gets a little hard to know what's what as it's all in a teal jelly base- but from what I could see there's blue, teal, holographic and maybe even a little bit of very pale gold. Whatever the combination, it all comes together on the nail and looks fabulous.

So, it's another win from Powder Perfect and, unlike most of my reviews, this one is still available (the other two polishes in the Euphoria Collection are also stunning and well worth a gander).

And because I figure there's no harm in sharing my total crafty failure, have a look at the pictures my light box managed to create... oh, and these are after I stuffed around with contrast and exposure. Before I tweaked the settings it looked like I had taken the photos in a shadow box, designed specifically to hide any beauty and mask the true colour of anything.
I think they speak for themselves really ;)

I guess I'm going to have to buy one of those ebay cheapie light box kits, even though this should have been ridiculously easy to do myself. At least I only managed to injure one finger with the box cutter whilst making it. That's gotta count for something, right?

Hope everyone is well and go check out Powder Perfect if you're in the market for a new polish, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Em xox


  1. Looks fab <3 And I guess my only comment about the lightbox is to try different lighting. You already know what you had to fiddle with to get the above pics so start there. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks Sarah :)
      Yes, it is definitely a case of hit and miss, but even looking at my photo's from a couple of months ago to now, the difference is really noticeable, I have definitely improved a lot. It's pretty cool being able to track my progress like this, watching my blog evolve... I'm very happy with how it's going :)
      Em x


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