Friday, 2 May 2014

So excite! So dissapoint :(

Hi all,
Well, as you saw yesterday I got my package from Femme Fatale and was super excited with my new polishes.

Femme Fatale and Dance Legend

So last night I wiped off my last mani and decided to have a go with Femme Fatale's Sea Pony

Sea Pony by Femme Fatale
After perusing the Femme Fatale site for days I would up choosing Sea Pony and Snapvine, mainly on the strength of the amazing Nail GunXS's  swatches.
She does the most beautiful job showing off how great a polish can look- I am rather envious of her talent- and her swatches were so gorgeous I thought "I need this polish".
Bec is also the creator of the fabulous Arcane Lacquer, so that should give you an idea of the talent level this woman posses (hint- brilliant).

And this is the point where I shed some sad tears...
Sea Pony is, without a doubt, the most difficult nail polish I have ever used. It is very, very glitter heavy, but they don't spread well on the nail and just clump up all over the place. And the crelly base is so thin that you need to do 3 coats for full coverage, but with each coat you're getting masses of clumping glitter... argh.
I found myself scraping off bits of glitter and trying to dab the crelly on to fill the gaps that that created. It was such a disappointment :(

I suspect I probably built up the polish in my mind, so my expectations were very high. I should have paid more attention to the swatches that didn't make the polish look quite so amazing as the ones over on NailGunXS, as that's more along the lines of what my mani looked like at the end of a very frustrating 3 coats.

Femme Fatale's Sea Pony

 I don't know if I got a bung bottle or if my inexperience with glitter/crelly combos was the reason for the problems I experienced, but I am pretty bummed out.
The polish also ATE up topcoat like crazy- these pics were taken with 4 coats of topcoat- two of Seche Vite and two coats of Skinfood's nail vita crystal pearl top coat. And it's still not smooth :\

I understand that the crelly needs to be sheer enough for the glitters to come through, but the glitter itself has to disperse better over the nail or it just becomes a case of trying to save the mani rather than creating a good one.


Anyway, I am hoping that Snapvine will be easier to work with, and next time I use Sea Pony I will use it as a topper rather than as the main polish- hopefully it will look the way I envisioned it in my mind.

What polishes have you lusted after only to discover it doesn't live up to your expectations?

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