Saturday, 10 May 2014

I got the blues... on the end of my fingers, that is

Good afternoon internet denizens (or good whatever-time-it-is-where-you-are).
Today I have an amazing polish to share with you, one that I almost decided to trade for a colour that I would actually wear (IKR? madness!).
That polish is the stunning "Crow Eater" by Celestial Cosmetics.

"Crow Eater" by Celestial Cosmetics

How's that for an awesome polish? I really, really like this and I was so convinced that it would never spend time hanging out on the ends of my fingers, all because it's blue. And not a teal or a turquoise, which I am happy to wear, but an in your face, completely unapologetic BLUE.
I don't know what it is about true blues, but I don't buy them and I certainly do not wear them. But my daughter, Sophia, managed to convince me to give it a try and here we are, with me posting pics left right and centre and telling anyone who cares to listen just how beautiful this polish is.

OK, enough gushing, let's get down to the nuts and bolts of it shall we?
Crow Eater is a medium blue jelly that is filled with various glitters- there's circle glitter, smaller round glitter and microglitter.
I assume that it's holographic glitter simply because of the beautiful range of colours that it shows as the light hits it, flashing from bright blue to a beautiful grassy green while the circle glitter even shows hints of purple.

Application wise this was easy to use, although I did find standing the bottle on its lid for a few minutes before I started helped me to get to the heavier circle glitter, which tends to sink when the bottle is left standing upright (nothing wrong with that- that's just physics at work). The jelly is also a great consistency- there were no issues with it flooding the cuticle or being too thick to spread evenly, and the glitter payoff is good with none of the clumping issues that can sometimes happen with glitter-heavy polishes.
I did use an undie with this, but I didn't need to, and next time I won't bother as the formula is tinted enough to cover the nail in three coats.
I also feel like you get more of that wonderful squishiness without an undie and light seems to pass through the layers and give it a depth that isn't as noticeable when layered over a base colour. But that's just my personal take on it and obviously everyone has their own preferences with these sorts of things.

As with all glittery polishes I found it nigh on impossible to capture the depth and sparkle of this polish, but trust me when I tell you this is so much more beautiful in real life.

Unfortunately, as with all of my reviews, this polish has been out for some time and I don't think it's available (although that may just be temporary).
However, the good news is that the lovely Nicki at Celestial Cosmetics is always happy to make up a polish to your specifications, so if you're wanting to add this to your collection (and why wouldn't you?) just let her know what it is you're after and you should be good to go.
I'm not sure what else to add to this review except to say that if you can find this polish I would definitely recommend grabbing it. Like I said, I don't even like blues and I absolutely love this polish, and that's saying a lot, believe me.

Until next time, have a great day/afternoon/evening/whatever and I'll be back to share some more polishes soon.

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