Thursday, 15 May 2014

A quickie post today- hospital news and Arcane Lacquer's The Power, the Passion

Well, I got a call from the hospital yesterday, I go in for my third, and hopefully last, surgery on Monday (well, last for a while anyway).
They really didn't give me much notice- five days isn't cool when you're a single mum needing to organise school runs and house sitters and all that jazz. Thankfully we're all pretty used to this, so it only too a few phone calls for things to fall into place.

Of course, going in for surgery also means having to take all my polish off and show my stained nails to the world haha. And they are badly stained, thanks to a cheap black polish that managed to breach my base coat's defenses and leave my nails a delightful shade of gangrene.

I'm currently umming and ahhing about whether to go nuts and paint my nails everyday leading up to Monday, or be a tightarse and stick to what I have on now for as long as possible.
IDK, chances are I'll have a new colour on by tomorrow's end.

Today, however, I just had a very quick play with my other Arcane Lacquer acquisition "The Power, The Passion", a deep, dark purple that is so full of different coloured microglitter I almost drove off the road staring at it.

The Power, The Passion

I thought it would look good with the pink of Funhouse and I was right, the colours really compliment eachother.
So I did a very quick gradient and then spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to capture the ever elusive sparkle...

Anyway, there you have it, a very quick, slightly messy but oh so shiny gradient using the gorgeous Arcane Lacquer's "Funhouse" and "The Power, The Passion".
Hope you like it :)

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  1. They are absolutely perfect for each other! Good luck with the surgery. I hope all goes well for you! X


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