Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Let me introduce you to Arcane Lacquer's aptly named "Funhouse"

I say "aptly named" because this polish is bright, pink and a lot of fun to wear.

Now, as I'm sure you know, the indie polish market is pretty saturated (terrible pun, I know) and it can be hard for polish makers to stand out from the crowd.
I'm lucky because Australia has some of the best indie polish makers around, so we're kinda spoilt for choice over here. But even with all the competition and all the great indie brands there are a couple that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Arcane Lacquer is one such brand.

Bec, the creator of Arcane Lacquer, also runs a nail blog called Nail Gun xs,and does some of the best nail swatches I've ever come across. She really is gifted. And it's clear she takes as much care with her polishes as she does with her swatches, because every single one I have tried or read about is sublime.
The formulas are so easy to work with, the colours are true and beautiful, regardless if its a work-safe grey or bold and bright purple... what can I say? Everything just seems to work together perfectly.
Now, me being the sort of person I am and also being stuck at home, well, I can get away with wearing any colour I choose, so I decided when ordering my polishes that I would get something bright and cheerful and, of course, blingy...The Power, The Passion and Funhouse filled all of those qualifications and then some;

Funhouse and The Power, The Passion

It wasn't easy choosing which polish to try first, but I decided to think pink and went with Funhouse.

And oh boy am I glad I did :D
This is a scrumptious polish, full of bright, vivid pink microglitter that sparkles and shines and shifts as the light hits it. And what makes this really stand out from the crowd is the scattering of vivid blue microglitter throughout, a combination that gives the polish an orchid purple look in some lights.

The formula of this polish was a breeze to use, smooth and easy, with the dense microglitter dispersing evenly across the nail. It dried quickly between coats and I was able to achieve a glassy smooth finish with one topcoat of Poshe. It really doesn't get any better than that.

I used three coats here and, while you could get away with two, I think three takes it to the next level in terms of colour depth and richness.

All in all I really like Funhouse and I can see myself wearing it a lot- I think it would also work really well with nail art and I'm already thinking of things I can do, most likely involving accent nails and neon stars (that really seems to be my go-to mani, it's so much fun and doesn't take away from the beauty of the main polish).


 There's nothing left to say except go and check out Arcane Lacquer, you won't be disappointed. I'll definitely be reviewing The Power, The Passion sooner rather than later, but until then enjoy the glory that is Funhouse :)

Em x

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