Wednesday, 7 May 2014

It's Alive!!! mwuahahahahaha

Morning, how goes it on this dreary winter day? Well, winter for those of us in the Southern hemisphere anyway.
I'm feeling pretty chirpy considering I have a house inspection in a couple of hours and my daughter, Sophia, is home for the second day in a row because she's not feeling too crash hot (nothing serious, she's got a mild temperature and is just feeling tired and off colour). Soph could probably manage school, but I'd rather let her rest for a few days and have her get well quickly than send her to school and have whatever bug she's got hang around for longer.

Anyway, on to the polish. Yesterday the postie brought two polishes with him, and I really like them both, a lot. Here's China Glaze "Angel Wings" and "It's Alive!".
They're both from older collections- Angel Wings is from their 2012 "Holiday Joy" Xmas collection and "It's Alive!" is from the 2011 "Haunting Halloween" collection.

 "Angel Wings" and "It's Alive!"

Today I'm going to focus on It's Alive! because that's the one I used and it's also the one I am completely enamored with. And it is, of course, green ;)

It's Alive!

The polish is fantastic to work with- it's chock full of glitter but it doesn't clump or drag and it disperses beautifully over the nail. The glitter consists of a couple of different sizes, from quite finely milled to slightly chunkier, which adds to the depth and complexity of the polish.
The base itself is a wonderful dark, swampy green jelly and I could have easily managed opacity with only two coats, but I applied three out of habit.
Each coat was a breeze to apply and they dried fairly quickly too. After three coats the polish dried to a slightly gritty finish, but considering the amount of glitter involved it was still surprisingly smooth in comparison to other glitter heavy polishes I have used.

It's Alive!

What really made me happy was just how super sparkly the polish is on the nail, despite how easily the jelly achieves opacity. The polish also has this weird ability to look as if it is layered over a black base, even though I wore it as is, which I think is super cool. 
Can you tell that I really like this polish?

It's Alive!

It's Alive! is one of only a couple of China Glazes that I own as the brand is hard to come by here in Australia (I order all of mine on ebay). But I think I will have to expand on my collection as this polish really ticked all the boxes for me- it's super sparkly, it's an interesting shade of green, it has a lot of depth and complexity and, best of all, it applied like a dream.
Hell, it's such a nice formula I was even able to achieve a totally smooth, glassy finish with just one generous coat of Seche Vite, and we all know just how topcoat thirsty glitter polishes can be. 
I'm actually going to go back to see if my ebay seller has another bottle of this one, as I think it's going to be a real favourite.
Anyway, I'm off to make a cuppa tea and wait for my real estate agent to come and do her six monthly property inspection (such a PITA). I'm also waiting on a couple of new indie polishes later this week, so expect some more reviews soon :D
Em x

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