Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pretty Serious Cosmetics have managed to knock my socks off with this one

Hey all, hope your week is progressing nicely, or at least that you don't feel the urge to throttle anyone (you gotta take your wins where you can).
Today I am sharing a polish that has honestly blown me away with its loveliness. It's "Seasonal Sunset" by Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

I know I gush about most of my polishes, but that's because most of the ones I buy are me to a T, so of course I'm going to think they're awesome ;)
But this one really surprised me. I knew I'd like it, but I had no idea just how much. And it's not just me, I've had several people compliment me on my nails since I've been wearing it, which is a lot considering I'm almost a recluse!

So lets have a look at what's got me all a flutter... Pretty Serious Cosmetics' "Seasonal Sunset";

This is a gorgeous, lush polish simply chock full of microglitter of various colours- there's copper, bronze, gold and more in a jelly base that is almost a dark, burnt orange.
It applies beautifully, and I found it was opaque at two coats but, as I always do, I added a third for good measure.
Dry time was pretty fast and, as with all 3 and 5 free polishes that I've used, the formula can get a little thick quite quickly, so this is a polish that benefits from a reasonably fast application.  A generous coat of Poshe and I was done- all up this was a very quick manicure and the polish applied so evenly and smoothly that I had hardly any clean up, even on my non dominant hand.

What I love about this polish is just how complex the colour play is- every movement of my hands causes the polish to reveal a slightly different side of itself, and when it's hit by direct sunlight it simply blazes with colour- I describe it as having a sunset on my fingertips.

sunlight glittery gorgeousness

You can see just how complex the colours are in this polish just by looking at my swatches- no two show the exact same shade.

I know a lot of people are leery of bronze-like colours so I've decided to overwhelm you with pictures so I can convert you to the bronze side. One of us! One of us!
Seriously though, this would suit so many skin tones, it really is a versatile polish- I can only imagine how it would glow against a darker skin tone <3

Alright, enough polish pic spam... well, 2 more and then I'll call it a day, o.k?

Unfortunately this colour is being discontinued, so you better hurry on over to the Pretty Serious site and snag yourself a bottle- plus it's on sale for only $5.95, so even better!

And I'll see you all very soon with even more Australian indie polish goodness.
Sure, I might be in need of a polish intervention... my bank balance is scary low, but I need all the pretties.
You guys understand, right? Guys?

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