Saturday, 24 May 2014

Almost home

I feel so negligent,  I haven't swatched or blogged or done anything for over a week.
But, I've had a good excuse as I was back in ol' St Vincent's hospital having another operation. Thankfully it's all over and it looks like its gone really well (that's a first!) so I'm hoping that I won't be going back in for at least another couple of years. Fingers crossed and all that.
Obviously, being in hospital means no nail polish, but I am going home to a fairly gigantic haul of nail mail, so there should be lots of swatches and reviews coming up over the next couple of weeks... yay!
I did manage to throw on a couple of coats of Zoya's Dahlia, a black and silver textured polish, the night before I was discharged, and I even took a couple of really crappy pics :D So here ya go;

Hospital lighting just adds that something special, doesn't it

Stunning eh? Hehe

I'm still at my dad's until the last couple of tubes come out, so I'm hoping to be home either tomorrow or Monday- I miss my cats and my own place terribly, although I'm lucky to have my little girl staying with me in the meantime, which certainly helps with the homesickness.

Anyway, hope anyone who stumbles across this is well and I promise to be thrilling you all with numerous nail polish related posts in the very near future :D

Em xox


  1. Beautiful mani and a lovely polish. I am glad things went well for you and I hope you get home soon. There is nothing like being in your own bed and home.

    1. Aww, thanks doll. Your comments are always so kind and supportive <3 I hope you're having a nice weekend- I bet it's a lot warmer up there than down here in Melbourne. Mmm, I love the heat.
      And I can't wait to swatch the polishes you so generously sent too.
      Em xox


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